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Every day, (Sundays excepted), we shall be posting a Thought for the Day, kindly supplied by our Local Preachers and Supernumerary Ministers.  It is true that we cannot worship together in our chapels at present, but we are using modern technology to enable us to sustain and strengthen our communion with one another.

On Sundays we have our act of Sunday Morning Worship, which you are welcome to join in at 10:30am - or any time that suits you!  Please click on the link HERE to the Trinity Methodist Church website.  Rev Debbie Borda will be leading us in our devotions.  An Order of Service is available for you to print off or download to follow.

Between 21st May, which is Ascension Day, and Pentecost on Sunday 31st May, we have been following meditations from "Thy Kingdom Come", which is a global prayer movement.  Please click on the link HERE for more information.

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Thought for the day 27.4.20

Our prayer handbook lectionary is currently following the book of Acts which is, in part, a story of a church like ours – with no dedicated buildings.   Today Chapter 3, v.1-10 tells the story of a disabled man begging for money.   That was his hope when he met the disciples, Peter and John, but it wasn’t what he got.     V.6:  “Peter said, ‘I have no silver or gold but what I have I give you; in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth stand up and walk’ “.

I have just brought in my emptied dustbin and waved a “thank you” to the men as they left our street, receiving a thumbs up in reply!   Still doing their difficult job in our current circumstances.

While so many are bravely going about their business on our behalf, many of the rest of us feel that we have nothing to give.   Unlike Peter, we may have money which can go to some good cause and we have seen much generosity of that sort recently.   But - what can we actually DO?   Many of us might be giving a neighbour a lift; fetching shopping perhaps; sharing chat and coffee. But we, especially the most elderly, are having to stay home – and to have things done for us!    Many don’t like accepting help when they so much want to give it.   Even those who are not isolated will miss being able to give a hug or share time with a friend or neighbour.    Might we, though, be able to say with Peter – “What I have I give you”:  and what may “what I have” mean for us?  Perhaps that is a phone call, an email, a card or letter, a shared gathering by video link as we start to learn new technology.   It might be sharing prayer for those whose news we hear remotely.

A hymn comes to mind: strangely it is a Christmas hymn – let’s pray we can be sharing it in person when the next Christmas comes around.   A poem by Christina Rossetti, it asks -

“What can I give him poor as I am?”  And answers: “…..GIVE MY HEART”.        (STF 204)

Peter said “What I have I give you – in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth get up and walk”– I have experienced such encouragement towards me and so, in His Name, I want to pass it on, wishing you all His healing peace as these strange days pass.


Saturday 25th April - Mrs Liz Kearsley

Friday 24th April - Mr Bill Humm

Thursday 23rd April - Mrs Stella Davis

We began with a Thought from Local Preacher Mrs Carol Colton on Wednesday 22nd April.

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