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Our theme for July was: - "Never Tire of Doing what is Right" - featuring the Story of David & Goliath  - 1 Samuel: 17.

Our Messy Church Leader at Trinity , Sue Robinson, put together this programme, which we cordially invited families from St John's, Sudbury, Glemsford and Old Newton to use.  


Sunday 10th May

Theme for May:  Eating together: food & fellowship Ref: Luke 24: 13 - 35

What does this story tell us?

When the disciples were walking to Emmaus they were so sad about Jesus dying that they didn’t notice that it was he who joined them on the walk. It was only when they invited him for a meal and he broke bread with them that they realised who he was and that he had risen from the dead as he said he would. 

We too must always remember that God is always with us if we allow him to guide us and not be as blind as the disciples were. Even when we are fed up and grumpy, God is with us and able to help us get through days that seem difficult and unhappy.  We just need to open our eyes and ask for his help. 


One of our Messy Church children made a group of her friends, whom she misses very much.  


Easter Sunday this year falls on the second Sunday of the month.  Although we weren't able to celebrate Easter in our church building this year, we did offer some ideas for our families to do Messy Church crafts and worship at home!

Easter Crafts 3

Easter Crafts

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